Roger B. Kennedy Construction Bid Room

Welcome to our bid room! Roger B. Kennedy Construction works with some of the best subcontractors and suppliers in the southeast. We cherish these vital relationships, essential for on-time, budget-friendly, and high-quality project completion. We maintain a fair and professional reputation with subcontractors and actively seek qualified partners to expand our vendor network. For any inquiries about the bidding process, feel free to contact Steve Rule.

Prequalification Requirements for Subcontractors and Vendors

Please review our minimum insurance requirements in the link below. These are minimum requirements and will be required on all projects.

Vendors who are able to meet our minimum insurance requirements are invited to complete our Pre-Qualification /SBN (Smart Bid Network) Online Form in the link below. Completion of this online form will set you up in our internet-based Bid Notification System so you can receive all bid invitations and notifications. Please fill out the Profile / SBN Code form in its entirety, making sure your company name matches your corporate records. Valid email addresses for your estimating contacts are required. All Vendors should add all incoming emails with * to be allowed through your spam filters since our Bid Notification System sends all bid room communications via email.

Steve Rule - Chief Estimator

Point of Contact

Feel free to contact Steve Rule with any questions about the bidding process.