Our General Superintendent works closely with our consultants and utilizes his experienced real-time knowledge in the preparation of the initial construction schedule. During construction, our experienced field supervision staff enforces the schedule, directs and monitors all the work being placed, oversees our Safety and Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plans, and monitors and enforces the same effort by our trade contractors. We require our trade contractors to have a specific QA/QC Plan for their work and identify specific accountable individuals responsible to fulfill it. Daily progress reports are kept by our staff and our trade contractors. Our field supervision staff also reviews material submittals and approvals to be aware of the actual materials approved for installation. Field supervision is in daily contact with our Project Manager to be sure that cost controls, schedule, safety and quality concerns are accounted for in a timely manner.

Roger B. Kennedy Construction’s administrative staff prides itself in being accurate and punctual in completing and submitting manpower, payroll, material and subcontractor payments, waivers, warranties and other necessary documents, reports and filings.

Our Superintendent and Project Manager will assemble and review change and payment requests and physically walk the project site with the representative trades to determine that the requests actually mirror the contents of the request. Weekly project supervision and trade contractor meetings are held, as are project team meetings.

Prior to completion, we conduct our own system testing and pre-commissioning, submit record documents, Operation/Maintenance Manuals, and conduct Owner training sessions. We obtain the Substantial Completion documentation after we prepare our own Contractor Work List and complete the outstanding items. Only then will we request a verification walk with you and your representatives and request the official punch list. We strive for a “zero” punch list by being Pro-Active throughout the project. All scheduled meetings will be attended by our Project Manager and Project Superintendent, who are our first line of accountability.